Isotretinoin 20mg  30 tabs by Cipla

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Isotretinoin 20mg

Isotretinoin 20mg  30 capsules by Cipla

Isotretinoin is a group of retinoids which is related to vitamin A

It is used to treat severe types of acne e.g. conglobate, nodular or acne that is risk of permanent scarring. This occurs in adults or adolescents

use isotretinoin when your acne has got better with anti-acne treatment including anti biotics and skin treatments

Isotretinoin must be supervised by a dermatologist(doctor specialised with skin related problems)

If you are under 18 you mustn’t take isotretinoin unless 2 prescribers agree that your condition doesn’t respond effectively to other treatments.

Do not take isotretinoin if you have

If you are pregnant or chance of becoming pregnant

Liver problems

Allergic to isotretinoin , peanuts, soya or any other ingredients in this medicine

High levels of fat

High levels of vitamin A

Receiving treatment with tetracyclines

Please talk to your doctor before taking isotretinoin

                          How to take isotretinoin

(always ask your doctor/pharmacist how to use as they give correct dose depending on your symptoms)

Usual starting dose is 0.5 mg per kg body wight per day e.g. if you pay 80kg your dose will be half kg body weight per day 40mg

Take capsule once or twice per day, Make sure to take on a full stomach, don’t chew

Drink with water and swallow whole

Adjust your dose after a few weeks ,Depends how you are getting on with the medicine if too strong or too weak tell your doctor or pharmacist

If you have severe liver is recommended to start on a lower dose e.g. 10mg/day and increase to the number your body can tolerate. If your body cannot tolerate recommended dose the tell your doctor to prescribe to a lower dose(acne may come back and treatment can be longer

Treatment lasts to 16-24 weeks ,Most patients only need one course. Your acne may continue to improve for up to 8 weeks after treatment. You won’t usually start another course until then.

Some people find their acne gets worse during the first weeks of treatment. It usually improves as treatment goes on

If you take more than supposed to contact your doctor immediately

If you miss a dose do not take a double dose

Side effects


Contact your doctor straight away if you get signs of mental problems.

If you develop a serious rash or skin symptoms, stop taking Isotretinoin and contact your doctor immediately.


Very common side effects


Dry skin, skin peeling off, skin becoming red, inflammation, change in fat, back pain(avoid physical activities) bruising, bleeding and clotting and headaches



Any change and problems please report to a doctor


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