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Product overview:Anavar (Oxandrolone)
Anavar 10mg (100 tabs) by Bentex Group Contents:
Anavar or Var (Oxandralone) is a favorite oral cutting anabolic steroid of many people. It produces clean, high quality gains in strength, and a very distinct hardening effect on the physique of the user. The main drawback is that it’s a very expensive chemical to produce. It’s also not overly toxic despite being an oral steroid, it doesn’t produce many side effects at all, and is relatively mild on the natural endocrine system compared to other oral steroids.
With Anavar you do not put a lot of weight on and water retention is low. gains are seen in quality steady muscle development when training well and eating well
Anavar is used clinically for AIDS related wasting and even in recovery routines for burn victims. It is often the only drug used precontest for female figure and fitness competitors. This is due to the fact that virilization is not much of a concern with it, as it is only very mildly androgenic and highly anabolic. Men almost never report side effects from it. It will give you a very hard defined look with a great boost of strength.
Anavar is known as the safest oral steroid and produces gains that you are likely to keep more of in comparrison to most other steroids. Some benefits are:
Help gain lean muscle
Increased Energy
Increased Metabolism
Retain Muscle Mass
Retain Body Strength
Appetite Suppression
No Testosterone Suppression
Increases Blood Flow And Oxygenation
Unfortunately, Var needs to be dosed quite high if it is being used alone so it is recommended that anavar is used as part of a cycle with testosterone propionate at minimum. Even daily doses of up to 80mgs/day don’t cause many side effects so this makes it very popular.
For pre-contest bodybuilding preparation and athletes looking to remain in a particular weight class while still moving up in strength, Anavar is typically a drug of choice when someone can obtain it. Despite the need for relatively high doses, it would seem that gains from Anavar hang around for a while, or at for at least 6 months after you stop taking it.
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