Super Bulk 500 mg (10 ml) by Viogen

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Super Bulk 500 mg (10 ml) by Viogen

Super bulk is a blend which contains 3 esters : Testosterone decanoate 200 mg, Nandrolone Decanoate 150mg and Equipoise is mainly used for body builders who want a strong muscular physique, increase in muscle which improves endurance and metabolism.

It can lower side effects significantly

It works by easing the inner muscles causing the blood vessels to widen which means more
energy and more improves lean muscle growth, strength gains and maximum
power output

strong muscular physique
increase in muscle
improves endurance and metabolism.
More energy
improves lean muscle growth,
more strength gains
increase in maximum power output

side effects

increase in body hair
aggressive behaviour
feeling irritable
increasing in blood pressure
fluid retention

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